Spokane Smart Blinds: The Next Evolution of Comfort and Efficiency.

Whether it's waking up slowly to a beautiful Spokane sunrise or keeping your home cool during a scorching Spokane summer, smart blinds are quickly gaining in popularity. People love smart blinds not only for their convenience, safety, and efficiency, but also for their elegance. Smart blinds allow you to take control over the light levels, privacy, and ambiance of every room, smoothly raising, lowering, opening or closing your blinds through your favorite automation styles.

Spokane Blinds bring motorization, wireless control, and automation into your home through the latest in smart blinds technology. You will discover effortless control and delight in seamless automation as your blinds adapt perfectly to your preferences and family lifestyle.

What Are Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds are motorized blinds that respond to a wireless signal. When blinds are motorized, a mechanism is added that helps your blinds to smoothly raise, lower, open, and/or close without the need to use a manual string or wand. Motorized blinds sweep open or closed with smooth and stately movements when the signal is given. These controls work on all pirouette shades, silhouette shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades, cellular shades, soft shades, and most vertical blinds.

But smart blinds don't stop there. Motorized blinds have recently developed to include a wireless receiver, allowing you to send commands through your smart home, mobile app, or remote control to raise, lower, open, and/or close your blinds at a word or a touch. Not only is this enjoyable to watch across the room or from the comfort of your chair, but you also don't have to worry about the hassle of tangled strings, uneven seams, or crunchy tracks ever again.

Lastly, smart blinds add the possibility of automation. Because your app or smart home can project control, you can set timers, triggers, and routines that cause your blinds to take specific actions, from waking with the morning sun to adjusting when you get home from work.

Four Different Ways to Control Your Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are extremely versatile. You will love the freedom to use your favorite style of smart home control, or change it up based on what is convenient. Each smart blinds installation from Spokane Blinds can be controlled in four different ways, so each family member can pick their favorite, too.

Smart Home Voice Commands

If you have smart home speakers in your house, your smart blinds will integrate seamlessly. Once connected, you can control your blinds by room and name with voice commands. You can raise or lower any blinds in the house with a few words,  completely hands-free. You can also add the new smart blinds to your smart home automation routines.

Mobile App Control

If you prefer to do most things through a mobile app, you can take full control over your smart blinds with just a few taps of your finger. You can open and close them automatically or set the exact levels with a slider. You can adjust each individual blind or group them and control an entire bank of windows at once through the blind's smart mobile app or your smart home integration app.

PowerView Remote Control

The Hunter Douglas smart blinds from Spokane Blinds can also be controlled with a PowerView remote. This stylish pebble-shaped remote with a dial control comes in four stylish colors and is the modern answer to controlling your blinds even when your phone is charging across the room.

One-Touch Control Wand

Of course, if you happen to be standing by a window, smart blinds can also be directed through elegant control wands. These wands hang next to your blinds but convey one-touch motorized commands instead of requiring manual manipulation. Pull gently down to lower your blinds or push up to open them. Control wands are battery-powered. They can be easily removed, and come with a two-wand charging station

The Possibilities of Smart Blinds Automation

Wireless control over beautifully motorized blinds is a wonderful thing. But what is truly incredible about smart blinds is their potential for automation. With smart home and voice assistant apps, you can set up routines, triggers, and modes in which your blinds automatically adjust to desired settings in response to specific times or commands. Here are just a few examples of what you can do when automating your smart blinds.

Set Your Alarm with Natural Light

Set your blinds to slowly open instead of setting your alarm. As the sun filters into your bedroom (at any time of day) your brain will help you to gently lift out of your dreams into a focused, energized morning routine. Say goodbye to waking up at the wrong point in your circadian rhythm, jolting awake, or wishing for five more minutes when you wake slowly to natural light.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

There are several apps that can help you automatically close your blinds during the hottest part of the day. Apt use of window treatments can significantly reduce the heat that enters your home during a hot Spokane summer, thus reducing your total cooling costs. You can reduce your energy use simply by automating your blinds to close while the family is at work or school.

Block Inconvenient Afternoon Glare

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your blinds as the sun sets to avoid afternoon glare? Your blinds can help when automated to adjust their level slowly over time. Keep your east-facing windows from morning glare and your west-facing windows from afternoon glare with a simple timed automation.

Personalized Settings for the Family

With smart blinds throughout the house, each member of your family can set their own personal preferences and routines. Blinds in each bedroom can adjust to the occupant's preference for sunshine, darkness, or privacy during certain times of day. Family can also choose their favorite control method, whether they'd rather speak to the smart home, use an app, or click the remote.

Set the Mood with Mode Settings

You can also set up smart home modes like "Movie Time" in which your entire smart home adapts to a mood. In this example, your blinds may lower along with the lights for optimal movie-watching, but there are many other modes to explore depending on your household routine.

Fool Would-Be Intruders While You're Away

When you go on vacation, smart home routines are a great way to hide the fact that your house is vacant from would-be troublemakers. Add your blinds to the mix by having them continue to raise and lower at set times during the day so that your home appears occupied even if you're away for weeks of travel and fun.

Lock Up for the Night

Lastly, you can set up your smart blinds to close up for the night along with other elements of your smart home. Choose a time of night when all your exterior doors automatically lock, your blinds close, and your floodlights switch to motion-detection mode. This ensures privacy and security every single night, even if you go to bed early or snuggle up for movie night with the family and forget to lock up.

Discover The Evolution of Smart Blinds with Spokane Blinds

Hunter Douglas smart blinds are the next evolution of comfort and efficiency. With four different control methods and easy automation, you can enjoy wireless and automatic blinds in truly beautiful styles. These motorized innovations work with all pirouette shades, silhouette shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades, cellular shades, soft shades, and most vertical blinds so you can personalize the smart window treatments for every room in your home.

Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and home offices; Spokane Blinds is ready to help you take your home's natural light to the next level. Contact us today to discover the ideal smart blind designs and controls for your household.