Powerview Automation

Premium Design

Life just got easier. Operate shades with the sound of your voice or touch of the screen. Integrate your PowerView® App with smart-home systems such as Alexa, Siri® or the Google Assistant.

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Transform your space

Create customized Scenes that move each of your shades to your preferred positions. Automate the Scenes to operate on their own throughout the day.

Powered Comfort

Adjust your shades on your mobile device or tablet with our Remote Connect™ feature when you are away from home. Schedule Scenes to move with the sunrise or sunset based on your location.

Ultimate Convenience

Some shades may be in areas of your home that are hard to access or too high to reach. They might also be tall enough windows to be a hassle to have to raise and lower manually. HunterDouglas PowerView is here to help.

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Lithium Ion Battery

Just like other HunterDouglas motorized shades, these come with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that you only have to charge once or twice a year.