Skyline Panels

Premium Design

Designed for large—but also suitable for smaller—windows, these broad panels are a statement all on their own. Beyond being beautiful, this window treatment also doubles as a functional room divider.

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Large Fabric Collection

Available in a variety of colors, textures, opacities and openness factors, and with over 600 colors to choose from, Skyline panels offer the largest fabric collection on the market.

An Organized look

When open, the panels stack tightly and provide unobstructed views. An interlocking bottom weight prevents panels from tangling and adds stability.

HunterDouglas QUALITY

Durability, fabric quality, and performance has never been in question with HunterDouglas products. Skyline window panels are perfectly designed for wide sliding glass doors or floor to ceiling windows.

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Preserve SCENERY

Skyline panels elegantly frame your landscape of the outdoors with their a fabric and gentle vertical panels. These panels can rotate up to 180°, giving you precise control.

Transform Harsh SUNLIGHT

The sun’s harmful UV rays can fade and damage your favorite pieces of furniture, but Skyline panels block out the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays so you can stop worrying about fading or discoloration.