What Are Vignette Modern Roman Shades?

Roman shades are often top-of-mind when looking for a window treatment that covers all the bases of elegance, privacy, and light control. Hanging perfectly straight from the top of each window, modern roman blinds provide a simple yet stunning appearance in your choice of color and texture. If you've been researching the perfect roman blinds for your space, you may have heard of the Vignette style.

Vignette modern roman blinds are a unique design brought to us by the luxury designer brand Hunter Douglas. This line of blinds provides a luxurious look combined with irresistibly modern functionality. Handpicked fabrics in rich colors and textures make each fold perfect as your blinds smoothly raise and lower to tailor your home's light levels and indoor experience.

What are Vignette modern roman shades? Let's explore every aspect so that you can make the best decision for your home or office.

Roman Shades: Tiered Fabric Elegance in Every Room

We'll start by building the concept of roman shades. If you are only just now hearing about roman shades, it's not surprising. They are an elegant part of many designs but fit perfectly into the background without stealing the show - as a window treatment should.

Roman shades are a modernized ancient design in which the shades fold up into a perfectly creased stack when raised and descend into an attractively pleated panel when lowered. It is efficient, beautiful, and almost as old as the concept of window treatment itself. Modern roman shades like the Vignette line take this design to the next level with exquisite fabrics and advanced cordless rolling and folding mechanisms as the blinds are raised and lowered.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas

Vignette modern roman shades were introduced by the stunning designers of Hunter Douglas, whose flawless window treatments have been the height of interior design for many years.

A Vignette, in art, is an image that fades beautifully to the edges of the depiction. In theater, it is a short story or a single episode. In window treatments, vignette roman blinds tell just one piece of the story of your home, providing privacy and light control so that you decide how the story is told within.

Let's explore the features of Vignette modern roman shades that you could choose from.

Rich Fabrics, Crisp Lines, and Two-Sided Perfection

Every Vignette shade is crafted with stunning and exclusive Alustra fabrics in rich colors and weave textures that catch the eye without stealing the show. Each set of shades subtly adds beauty to each room with high-quality fabric designed for advanced window performance features such as insulation, light control, and perfect folds.

You can choose from sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening fabric thicknesses to create unique control over every room. Your fabric will look incredible not just on the side facing the room, but also outside where your window treatments contribute to your curb appeal.

Cordless Controls Roll from the Top or Bottom Rail

Vignette modern roman shades follow the latest trends in controllability and cordless design. You will find that your Vignette roman shades can be installed to extend from the bottom up or from the top down based on your desires. This allows you perfect control over light levels and privacy for every room, determining exactly where and how you would like to let the light in. You can even use two layers of roman shades high and low or have them going in different directions with each window - whatever would make your home's design uniquely complete.

Rolled vs Stacking Vignette Roman Shades

There are two types of roman shades available in the Vignette style: rolled and stacking. Rolled roman shades are controlled by a roll in the headrail so that your shades disappear completely when put away. Stacked roman shades are a little more traditional in which the folds stack neatly into folds in the headrail instead of rolling up. However, both provide the same pleated elegance when extended.

For the folds or pleats in your modern roman Vignette shades, you can choose between 4-inch full folds or 6-inch flat folds which subtly change the look and shape of the blinds when both hanging and put away, so it's up to your personal sense of aesthetic.

Duolite Two-Layer Light Control Vignette Roman Shades

One of the most remarkable features of Vignette modern roman shades is the Duolite option. Duolite provides two separate layers of shades that capably share the same headrail roll. With Duolite, first you extend the lighter shade that is sheer or light-filtering to allow for sunshine and silhouettes. Then you can choose to lower the second room-darkening fabric for the ultimate light control and privacy option.

Diolite two-layer light control gives you the power to uniquely shape the amount of light in your home while still maintaining the complete and beautiful look of lowered sheer or semi-sheer blinds. This look is perfect for bedrooms living rooms, and home offices where exact control over both light level and privacy might be essential to enjoying each space in a variety of ways.

Energy Efficient Insulation and Light Control

Heavier Vignette roman shade fabrics provide superior light control and even insulation. The heavier exclusive fabrics are not just good at blocking light, they also provide excellent insulation to protect your home from cold chills or summer heat trying to come through your windows when that is not desired.

Impeccably Clean and Easy to Maintain

Lastly, Alustra fabrics and the entire Vignette line of modern roman shades are delightfully easy to clean. The fabrics are 100% polyester, designed for durability and simple cleaning with a combination of light vacuuming and occasional treatment with mild soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Your shades will last for many years and you will never have to worry about maintenance with easy cleaning and a sleek cordless mechanism.

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