The Top 12 Reasons to Switch to Motorized Window Treatments

Window treatments are an important decision for any room. Creating privacy, ambiance, and controlling direct sunlight into a room are important roles for your window treatment. Whether you are creating a personal space or decorating a public room, your window treatments shape the experience.

What if you could take full control of your blinds and shades without getting up or fooling with an all-too-breakable manual control system? Cords, posts, and knobs all have their downsides. But motorized window treatments have just gotten the smart home upgrade.

If you're ready to upgrade your window treatments with the latest family-ready automated blinds, we've got 13 very good reasons to switch to smart motorized blinds.

1. Easy to Use Blinds of Every Design

Motorized blinds are extremely easy to use. Say goodbye to tangling cords and blinds that go up unevenly on either side. Say goodbye to fumbling with a twisting post that breaks all too easily in your hands. These are now relics of the past as window treatment and automation technology reach the cutting edge.

Whether your hands are too strong for delicate blinds mechanisms, or you cannot grip them well, mechanical blinds allow everyone in the family to use the blinds without risking a fiasco. You can connect your blinds to a manual electric control or raise and lower (or open and close) them through an app, motorized blinds take all the manual challenge out of enjoying your window treatment.

2. Cordless Home for Child Safety

Child safety and pet-safe homes are paramount in domestic product design. Makers of window treatments have long strived for a perfectly safe and kid-friendly control system for blinds. A big part of baby-proofing a home is to go cordless - removing or securing every cord and cable in the house for safety. Motorized blinds are extremely safe and help you remove all dangerous cords near the floor that pets or babies could get tangled up in.

Younger children, like toddlers, can even use simple controls to lower their own blinds in a playroom or bedroom in perfect safety. Asking a smart home or tapping a dimmer switch is infinitely safer than manual cords and controls.

3. Smart Homes Are Finally Ready for Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds have been around for a while, but only recently are smart homes and apps finally capable of realizing their full potential. Mobile controls, smart controls, and easy app-powered automation put control of your blinds at your fingertips. Now, your blinds will raise and lower based on commands or any smart program you set up.

You can raise your blinds when your alarm goes off in the morning for a sunny awakening. Or you can lower the blinds for movie time with a word to your smart speaker. Automate your blinds to change during the day, or program them to respond to the weather. Now, this year, it is all possible. So, it's a pretty good year to upgrade your blinds as one of the coolest parts of your smart home entourage.

4. Just the Right Amount of Privacy, Right When You Need It

One of the cool things you can do with mobile app control of your blinds is personal privacy settings. If you love a sunny bedroom but need to quickly change, just tell your app or smart home to temporarily close the blinds. You can close just one of a few columns of shades, or even use horizontal shades pulled along your wrap-around windows to cover just the parts of the room you are using when privacy is needed.

You can also quickly command your blinds to provide privacy for others, whether you're preparing a bedroom for a guest or perhaps letting your kids sleep in for a Saturday morning.

5. Blinds that Perfectly Keep the Sun from Your Eyes

One very cool trick is to set up your shades so that the sun never blinds you or your guests. If you have a room that gets great sun, sometimes right in your eye, simply set up the perfect levels or even use light sensors, so the shades adjust themselves throughout the day. Any time direct sunlight is drenching your favorite place to stand or along the sightline of those seated. the shades can dip just low enough to keep the sunbeam at your chin instead of your eye.

6. Time Your Blinds for Energy Efficiency

Did you know that your motorized window treatments can work together with a smart thermostat? Opening and closing the blinds, naturally, is a way to control the heat in the room. This means you can save money throughout the year by programming your blinds to either soak up the sun or block it out so that your AC doesn't have to work as hard.

7. Automatically Guard Your Furniture Against Direct UV Rays

A sunny room is beautiful, but it's bad for your furniture. Direct UV rays can cause furniture to fade and decay faster than in a dark, shaded room. With motorized blinds and smart apps, you can have your cake and eat it too - or rather - enjoy beautiful furniture in a sun-drenched room. The trick is to program your motorized window treatments to protect your furniture from direct UV rays unless you are actively enjoying the sunshine from your favorite couch or armchair.

8. Improve Handicap Accessibility of Your Home or Business

Motorized and smart window treatments are also very handicap accessible. For decades, the mechanisms to operate blinds and shades have been difficult for hands that lack grip or dexterity - sometimes unreachable by those who cannot stand. Smart home controls neatly solve the entire problem by making it easy to do anything with the blinds simply by telling them to do it through a radio, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth signal.

By combining motorized window treatments with apps and smart home commands, anyone- no matter how their hands work - can take full control of their blinds and the light-level comforts of their home.

9. Simulate Residence When You're Away

When you are traveling and the house is empty, it's important that the home not appear vacant. Even temporarily vacant homes can draw mischief, which is why there are so many interesting ways to pretend someone is at home when you're away.

Motorized blinds are a great -and fun - way to simulate human activity using smart home technology. You can program shades to open and close, and for lights to turn off and on. You can even use smart controls to play shows on the television in order to fool mischief makers into thinking someone is home.

10. Create an Elegant and Impressive Effect

While we've mostly been focusing on the practical benefits, let's not forget the artistic potential of automatic blinds and shades. When in action and sweeping across the room, they're just plain majestic. Humans have been dreaming of a futuristic world where everything smoothly aligns itself for optimum enjoyment, and your guests will realize the future is now when they see the ambiance created when you activate your motorized shades to sweep across the windows.

11. Animate Your Windows From Outside

On the other side, there is the aesthetic of entertainment. Imagine a home with every window covered in an automated shade that you control from your smartphone. Step outside where you can see many of the windows and have the house wink at you.  Motorized and smart-controlled window treatments have the unique potential to animate your home from the outside. A lower row of windows might smile with an arc of vertical shades curving upward from the center. Two upper dormer windows might blink or wink at the passing neighborhood. The possibilities are as vast as they are potentially a great deal of fun.

12. Smart Motorized Window Treatments are More Accessible Than Ever

The final reason to make the switch to motorized blinds this year is because it's time. Motorized blinds aren't just for highly luxurious homes anymore, and part of that is because control systems are sleeker and smartphones are a heckuva lot easier to integrate than wired-in wall controls of the earliest automated window treatment designs.

Today, the technology is ready, the price is right, and smart homes make simple motorized blinds infinitely cooler through automation and remote control. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your blinds to smart home window treatments.