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Spokane Blinds Installation

We don't just offer superior window blinds, we expertly fit them too.

That’s because we know our customers don’t just want gorgeous blinds, shutters and curtains: they want them installed correctly so that they work perfectly for many years to come.

No matter what types of blinds or windows you have, our specially trained installation teams will give you complete peace of mind that your new made-to-measure window coverings have been fitted exactly as our manufacturing teams specify so that they work precisely as they should.

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Local Certified Installers

Our installation teams are trained the ‘Spokane Blinds way’, which means they are on a program of continuous professional development to keep installing blinds, shutters and curtains to the very highest standards.

They come back to us on a regular basis to refresh their knowledge and skills on our existing product ranges and also receive comprehensive training ahead of the launch of new products.

Our installers also make valuable contributions as part of the research and development of new products and the upgrades on existing products.

Demonstrating Your New Blinds

Once your blinds have been installed, a member of our installation team will spend time with you making sure that you understand the entire operation of your new made-to-measure blinds, shutters, curtains or awning and pointing out any key operational features. For example, with motorized blinds, they will show you how to adjust any settings or connect your blinds to your smart speaker.

Your installer will often have lots of hints and tips for maintaining your blinds to keep them in tip-top condition – which is so essential to make sure that you have years of trouble-free operation

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Alex Warr Owner/Operator